New Years Eve Manicure with Gel Polish

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This is the gel polish manicure that I wore for New Year’s Eve. When I think of New Year’s Eve, I think of GLITTER!!! I didn’t want to go with the traditional black and silver for New Year’s Eve, so instead for this New Years Eve manicure I went for my gorgeous silvery purple, Amethyst Surprise. Then, I added glitter.

New Years Eve Manicure with Gel Polish. Has IBD Amethyst Surprise, IBD Polar Sky, and IBD Aphrodite.

The base color of this New Years Eve manicure is IBD Amethyst Surprise. I put 3 thin coats on every finger nail, including the ring finger. Then, I painted 2 coats of IBD Aphrodite on every finger, except the ring finger. The ring finger has 2 (or maybe 3, I can’t remember for sure) coats of IBD Polar Sky. See full size swatches of all these gel polishes in my Swatch Gallery.

I really only did an accent nail because IBD Polar Sky is a new gel polish for me and I couldn’t wait to include it in a manicure. Plus, I like how it turned out. I LOVE the Aphrodite in this manicure though. It is everything I wanted! I love that it has purple and holographic glitter. The purple really stands out against the IBD Amethyst Surprise. The holographic add some wonderful sparkle. I had the idea for this manicure in my mind for several months and I was pretty worried that it wouldn’t look as good on my nails as it looked in my head.

New Years Eve Manicure with Gel Polish. Has IBD Amethyst Surprise, IBD Polar Sky, and IBD Aphrodite.

I think it looks even better than I imagined! One thing that is cool about the ring finger is that the accent is pretty subtle. In the pictures, the ring finger looks completely different from the other nails. In reality, since every finger has IBD Amethyst Surprise as the base color, the difference was actually a lot more subtle. That was perfect for me since I have OCD and I like everything to be uniform.

I apologize about the quality of these pictures. I’m still getting used to taking these pictures. Please bear with me. 🙂

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