Gel Polish Glitter Nails for My Birthday

Glitter nails can mean a lot of different things, but since this mani is for my birthday, I wanted something show-stopping. Show. Stopping. I guess it’s not “cool” to get excited about my birthday now that I’m an adult, so I have to convey my excitement on my nails instead. 😉

Gel polish half moon glitter nails using IBD All Heart and loose glitter.

I used loose glitter for this mani and it is absolutely gorgeous glitter. I randomly picked up it from my local Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, but now I wish I had bought it online so I could direct you all to an exact link because this glitter is amazing!!!!!! I tried to find the closest match on amazon that I could (here), but I don’t know for sure if it’s as amazing as the glitter I used. Do you have a favorite place to buy glitter online? Please let me know!

Gel polish half moon glitter nails using IBD All Heart and loose glitter.

I used *IBD All Heart for the base color of this mani. I had an idea in my mind what I wanted this manicure to look like before I started, but I didn’t have any idea how to do it. I just sort of made up the process as I went along. I’ll share the process with you, but in all honesty, it didn’t work as well as I hoped. I was extremely precise and it still doesn’t look as uniform as I want. It did work though, so feel free to try out the process and hopefully it works better for you.

How to Do Half Moon Glitter Nails

  • Do a regular gel polish manicure with the color of your choice, but do not do a top coat.
  • Use Elmer’s glue to paint a half moon, then use the glue to cover the part of the nail where you do NOT want glitter.
  • Let glue dry completely.
  • Paint a gel polish base coat and cure for 5 seconds.
  • Use a small brush to press the loose glitter into the base coat. Repeat this step if needed.
  • Cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp and 1 minute in a UV lamp.
  • Cover entire nail with top coat and cure. Repeat this step as many times as necessary so there isn’t a ridge where the glitter begins.

*It’s always hard to get color accurate photos with nail art because there is more than one color. Here is my original swatch of IBD All Heart and here is the original post. This photo is much more color accurate. 🙂

Gel polish half moon glitter nails using IBD All Heart and loose glitter.

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